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Sometimes, it is hard to find old tweets - that is, if they have not been deleted for good.

That is why Aos Fatos, in partnership with the ICFJ (International Center For Journalists) TruthBuzz program, has developed a tool that allows anyone to make easier and faster searches in the Twitter account of Brazil's president Jair Bolsonaro, while also keeping an archive of all his tweets and retweets, even if they are erased from the official account.

In this page you can see the most recent Tweets from Bolsonaro, starting in June, 2018. The logs include only text.

The official Twitter account @jairbolsonaro is searched every 10 minutes using Workbench's API. The tweets are then stored in our databased and displayed here every hour. Beware that the translation is made automatically by the Google Translate API, no human ever touched those tweets for translation.

TruthBuzz is an initiative run by the International Center for Journalists, a nonprofit organization dedicated to equipping journalists with the skills and expertise they need to deliver trustworthy news. With support from Craig Newmark Philanthropies, the program aims to increase the reach and influence of verified facts. Visit for more.

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